I Seem to Have Vanished

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Or so you thought. I literally forgot about this blog. I must admit I neglected my writing for a very long time.  It’s what I went to school for (kind of), it’s what I dream of doing but when I go into “writer mode” I feel almost guilty and unproductive with the rest of my life.  Strange. So so strange.  Well, I threw myself into fashion design and my business while I was also working a job that I recently quit to go after all of these seemingly unrelated dreams of mine.  But then it hit me!

You may have noticed I changed the title of my blog.  Unfortunately, not the domain name (yet) to Asha Isabella as opposed to Asha Morrison.  I had been writing under the name Asha Morrison but living my life, building my business, and making a name for myself as Asha Isabella.  I could never figure out a way to make sense of these dramatically different worlds I was living in.  One full of frightening fairy tales and fiction and the other full of silky fabrics, sewing needles, and finance. I even started getting involved in film.

But then I realized, no matter my craft – because there are many…

I am a storyteller.

Whether I am creating a character on paper or through a collection I am surrounded by storytelling.

So in my tagline, in my bios, in my twitter description I shall simply state that I am a storyteller.

Now on to the good stuff.


Strange Little Bits of Inspiration

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

My inspiration can literally come from anywhere and small little nothings can produce entire chapters for me.  It’s a bit strange. Quite odd.

I was walking down the street very early yesterday morning and I glanced down and realized for almost half a block I had either been stepping on or avoiding huge dead black worms.  I am absolutely terrified of worms and I cringed as soon as I saw the little bastards.

Needless to say, as I continued walking…avoiding them at all costs I started thinking about hundreds of thousands of them.  I was probably having a panic attack, especially when I started picturing them falling out of the trees above on to my shoulders or in my hair.  Then I tried to imagine what circumstance would actually lead me to a place where I would willingly run into such a terrifying DISGUSTING situation…say, a wooded land covered in these nasty little bastards for example. Then I thought about them being leeches instead.  Up the ante a bit.

I literally pictured it as I walked. My skin goosed as I walked into a world full of leeches…but what could possibly lead me there…more so Scarlet, of course, I thought of our darling Scarlet.  And as I walked I vividly imagined/recorded my physical reaction to the thought of thousands of leeches seething in the trees and covering the ground, moistly changing their positions. Gross.

By the time I got to my destination (the train stop) I had imagined this scene down to the stinging burn of a fresh tear in Scarlet’s eye.  I even figured out what would be so pressing that she would willingly run into that situation…. who would be there and how she’s respond to her panic afterward.

Here We Go Seven

November 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Treating this blog like a personal diary… this will probably be fun to read once I’m finished. And I always feel motivated to write… so I can update my progress on this blog.

Anyway, call it procrastination if you will, but I finally started chapter 7 and as we both know, I had no idea what it was going to be about.  But out of nowhere, I banged the first five pages out and it has taken Scarlett on an emotional rollercoaster and into an involuntary love triangle.  It was refreshing to write after creeping myself out last chapter. I did, however, have to go back to 5 and change something around because the continuity was a bit off. I almost wrote her into spring when I realized the last chapter took place in October…and it is London, so a picnic in the grass doesn’t really make sense.  Silly.

OK, I have a 1:30 meeting then back to writing!

Chapter 7

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I’m a bit nervous to start chapter 7, but if I don’t do it now I’ll just keep reading chapter 6 over and over…and over.  It will be a difficult chapter to follow. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  I never know how I will take to what I am writing until I have read it back in its entirety. I’m not even sure what this chapter will be about.  I remember in college when I wrote papers they were all so organized.  I knew exactly what I would be writing before I even typed a title…but with this I know how I want it to end (no I don’t) but I have no idea what series of events will lead me there.  It’s a bit like life in that way… real life (which I’m pretty disconnected with in this moment).  But we all have a sense of where we want to end up, even a vague idea of what it will take to lead us there, we may be able to decide the first step to take…but hell, who knows what will happen in between.  And that is exactly what my writing process is like.  It’s why I rather enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading.  I honestly never know where this character is going to take me.

Anyway, I am at home alone (or so I thought) again and I did have a bit of an eerie feeling after reading 6.  I even paused what I was doing when I heard footsteps in my apartment and practically jumped from where I am seated when my roommate emerged from his room, the thud of his door making a terrifying break in the silence.

It’s a bit masochistic to write a gothic piece.  I first have to prepare myself… isolation, Bach, and a bit of darkness and then I think the most horrible things imaginable.

It can be terrifying.

To Hit a Lit Nerve

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have not worked on the story much lately. But I am dedicating all of Saturday to it.  I’ve gotten through chapter 6 but most importantly I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that scares us when reading gothic literature.

I need to be able to answer this seeing how I want to hit a nerve.

I am currently reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, which I purchased months ago because I wanted to be frightened and movies don’t do that for me. I read a chapter or two and never got back to it. Don’t know why– life. But, I recently started taking the train rather than driving and I have more time to read so I grabbed the book and I cannot put it down. At first it was not really grabbing my attention (something I fear when writing).  I was ready for the horror! But when the horror came I really appreciated those few chapters without it.  Extraordinary things were happening to very plain people and I wasn’t as initially excited to read it because all of the characters were so plain, but now I feel connected with them, I’ve gotten to know them…I like them.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you but the first scary account had my heart racing because I was so afraid of what would happen to the character. I mean sure, I was looking over my shoulder as I sat in my vintage Boston apartment all by myself but the anticipation…the threat! – is what scared me the most and I felt like I lived it with him (the character it was happening to).

Bare with me as I work through this. I’m typically horrible at figuring out or expressing emotions. You only fear something you can imagine happening to you, or family, or whatever (your dog skip). This may be writing 101 but I’ve been so afraid that the horror in my story is taking too long to show up. The only way for you to really be afraid of what Scarlet is about to go through it has to seem real. You have to know her, possibly like her, you have to be rooting for her, and you totally cannot know when things are about to change until they change. Surely, she didn’t expect it so I don’t want you to either. Then you have to feel it lingering in the air, expecting it to happen again.

I’ve also realized very simple details make thing more scary, especially when reading.  I can’t remember the Steven King short it was from, but when his character met the devil in the woods I was terrified. I haven’t touched the story in years but I’m still almost haunted by the man he described as the devil. As opposed to having absolutely no reaction at all to Freddy from the latest rendition of Nightmare on Elms St.

Gee, I’m rambling. There is something about simple strangeness that frightens us more than over the top, scary brouhaha and that’s what I want to tap into. I want a few of my scary moments to resonate with you…to haunt you in the shower… to doubt that dark path you plan to take, to make your heart race when you open the door to a dark apartment. I want you to jump at the call of a crow, the hairs on your neck to raise whenever a human being walks behind you… at least while you’re reading it anyway.

We’ll see.

He’s in the Walls…is about?

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The novel (and short story) is about a strong willed, highly opinionated young girl named Scarlett that is sent off to a “boarding” school in London because of her father’s desperation to get their family out of debt that he accumulated after the death of her mother.  He sends her to “Wimbeldon” the  all girls boarding school in London that is interested in “breeding a fit group of women that will become the wives of the most wealthy and politically powerful men in all of Europe.”  She hates the school and feels as if she has lost everything but her mind.  Shortly after her residence hall burns down and she moves in with her roomate Sophie, who commits suicide. She begins seeing things.  She is initially haunted by sounds and whispers, then by a man that she describes as a gate keeper to hell and comrade to Lucifer.

The story traces Scarlett’s entrapment in this school and her imprisonment to “him,” who haunts her from within the walls of the school, facing her with terrors she could have never imagined.

Chapter 5 FINISHED!

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

…Well until I have to revise it.

Yes, chapter five of “He’s in the Walls” is complete.  There are a few things I took out of the short story that are heavily emphasized in this chapter.

1. Sophie was not Scarlett’s first roomate –> it was a girl named Sasha. (I never realized they all had S-names until JUST now)

2. Scarlett has an extremely important love interest (well two, but that comes up later)

3. Sophie is the daughter of a well known historical figure.

And honestly, I think you guys are going to love Scarlett and have a hodgepodge of emotions when she begins to lose her mind.

I’m not sure I’ve given a synopsis of this story yet – next post.

Historical figures (real ones) I have thrown in the mix: Robert Cecil, the first Earl of Salisbury. Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales and his father King James.

Oh and the story takes place a full 100 years before the year I used for the short story. It is in 1610.

Well chapter six is going to be full with joviality, questions of the purpose of life (whether it really is only performance), and a whole lot of drama incluing her roomate Sasha and these sheepish other girls at the school.

Eh, it’s my Gossip Girl-loving self that involves these moments.  But hey, we all need an ex-friend turned nemesis in our lives.

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